About us

Our mission

The Beacon Award recognize senior living communities fostering an environment that embraces wellness as a way of life for all who live and work in the community. Using the seven dimensions of wellness as a foundation, these communities partner with residents and staff to create relevant, meaningful opportunities that empower participants to improve their quality of life.


Our vision

Honoring the best and brightest.And we do emphasize ‘Brightest.’ Because while we at ICAA and NuStep have had other awards programs, we created the ICAA NuStep Beacon Award specifically to honor those senior living communities whose achievements, innovations, directions or commitments in the field of wellness stand out as guiding lights for all senior communities.

Wellness is no longer a movement, it’s a way of life. As you will read, wellness is forecast to become the default choice of most senior living communities by 2023, ahead of the traditional care model.

That means the default choice for philosophy and culture. The default choice for environments. The default choice for programming.

Although there will be a finite number of winners of the Beacon Award (25, to be exact), every community that enters because of its wellness culture is already a winner. And every person whose life improves because of a new or expanded wellness orientation – whether staff or resident – is already a winner.

To see if you may qualify, click here. If you do qualify, be sure to complete and send your application form for your chance to win your Beacon Award.

And if you do win, don’t be thanking us.

We’ll be thanking you.

Colin Milner, CEO and Founder, International Council on Active Aging

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