Be a shining example

Winning a Beacon Award can elevate your business

For years, ICAA and NuStep have been blazing new trails for the cause of wellness. And, while we’ve been thrilled with our progress along the way, this year we are simply ecstatic. Because it's clear the wellness movement has reached the proverbial tipping point.

In a recent survey, 59% of senior living communities said that by 2023, rather than being traditional care-based communities with options for wellness, they will be wellness-based communities with options for care.1

Think about it. Wellness first, care second. Older adults and community managers making responsibility for maintaining residents’ well-being the prime directive, ahead of curative solutions.

Not that we’re about to claim all the credit for this crucial course correction. Scientific discoveries, improved health and wellness models, instant communications and a society-wide trend away from medicinal treatments towards greater individual responsibility have all played major roles.

We want to recognize those who have been most instrumental in making the changes happen. Those senior living communities that have pioneered the best strategies, staffing, environments, programs and philosophy in the cause of wellness have lit a path for us all.

In short, they have been our beacons. And, we are delighted to announce, the inspiration for our first annual ICAA NuStep Beacon Award.

A wellness culture crosses all departments and disciplines with its positive, engaging message of a better quality of life. Has your community built programs, staffing or environments aimed at starting or improving your wellness culture? Have you helped replace outdated stereotypes of old age lifestyles with a new reality of healthier living within the physical, emotional, spiritual and other dimensions of wellness?

Then you may be eligible for a Beacon Award.

This year, we will be presenting 25 Beacon Awards to the most-deserving applicants. Of those, the top five will receive an additional ICAA NuStep Pinnacle Award for their exceptional contributions. As well, all recipients and their accomplishments will be catalogued on the ICAA NuStep Beacon Awards website – for residents (present and future), staff, potential investors and media to see.

Of course, whether destined for the eyes of potential new hires, residents or investors – or used as a powerful third-party testimonial for your marketing materials – your recognition for leadership in wellness will carry significant cachet.

After all, you’ve worked hard to change your culture. Your Beacon Award will be tangible proof.

Click here to see if you qualify. If you do, be sure to complete and send your application form.

And become a shining example for others.

Source: Vision of the future. ICAA Active Aging Industry Trends Survey 2018

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