Be a shining example

Winning a Beacon or Pinnacle Award can elevate your business

Wellness has progressed from being a concept, to a program, to a movement, and today, to an expectation and an all-encompassing culture. In senior living communities, the shift from a traditional care-based model to a wellness model has expanded throughout the active-aging industry, with a focus on innovative programs and services that enable people to live better longer.

In 2019, the ICAA NuStep Beacon Award was created to recognize the top 25 senior living communities that have pioneered the best strategies, staffing, environments, programs and philosophy in fostering a culture of wellness to enhance quality of life for older adults and those who care for them. Of these, the top 5 also are presented with the esteemed Pinnacle Award for exemplary performance and exceptional contributions.

Starting in 2022, the Pinnacle Award is expanded to include two additional categories:

  1. Community centers — senior centers, parks & recreation facilities, adult day services (Top 5)
  2. CEOs — executives at senior living communities or community centers committed to thriving wellness cultures (Top 5)

This provides an even greater opportunity for your organization or executive leadership to be recognized throughout North America for its extraordinary influence and impact in the active-aging industry.

All recipients and their accomplishments are catalogued on the ICAA NuStep Beacon and Pinnacle Awards website – for residents/clients/members (present and future), staff, potential investors and media to see. This prestigious distinction rewards your life-changing commitment to wellness and serves as a powerful third-party testimonial in your marketing.

Click here to see if you qualify. If you do, be sure to complete your application to be considered as a bright example of the absolute best in the industry.

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