For years, ICAA and NuStep have helped blaze new trails as advocates for wellness. Since 2019, the ICAA NuStep Beacon Award traditionally has recognized 25 senior living communities committed to fostering an environment that embraces wellness as a way of life for all who live and work there. These communities partner with residents and staff to intentionally create relevant, meaningful opportunities that empower individuals to live better longer.

Of these, the top 5 also are presented with the esteemed Pinnacle Award for exemplary performance and exceptional contributions.

What is the Beacon Award? The ICAA NuStep Beacon Award honors senior living communities whose achievements, innovations, directions or commitments in the field of wellness stand out as guiding lights for all senior communities.

What is the Pinnacle Award? The ICAA NuStep Pinnacle Award recognizes the top 5 senior living communities and CEOs that are committed to fostering a thriving wellness culture within the organization.

What is the difference between the Beacon and Pinnacle Award? The Beacon Award program recognizes the top 25 senior living communities. Of the senior living communities, the top 5 receive the Pinnacle Award. The Pinnacle Award is also presented to 5 winners in the CEO category. Earning a Pinnacle Award signifies the highest wellness honor in senior living and at the CEO level. As a winner, your organization and leadership are recognized as a shining example of the best in the industry.

What is the prize? Along with industry recognition and a stunning crystal trophy, winners receive prepared materials such as a Beacon or Pinnacle Award logo and press release as well as pre-formatted social media announcements. These materials add power to your marketing program with minimal effort.

Why should an organization or CEO apply? Every marketer knows the challenges of achieving top-of-mind awareness with potential customers and employees. The Beacon and Pinnacle Awards shine a bright light on your organization or CEO. It identifies you as an innovator and an outstanding leader in wellness and in the services you provide, which makes your organization more attractive to potential residents, members and staff.

How do I know if my organization or CEO qualifies? The Beacon and Pinnacle Awards program provides a self-evaluation preapplication questionnaire that outlines areas considered important to a successful application. By completing this self-assessment, you can determine an organization’s or executive’s readiness to apply.

Click here to see if you qualify. If you do, please complete and submit the online application by July 21, 2024.

When is the application deadline? The application process opens on April 2, 2024. It will close on July 21, 2024

When are the awards announced? ICAA and NuStep will announce the Beacon and Pinnacle Award winners on November 19, 2024 at the ICAA Conference and Expo.

What if my organization has multiple locations? Each location is viewed as its own entity. One or all of the locations in your organization may meet the qualifying criteria, but each must apply separately for a Beacon or Pinnacle Award.

Who can submit an application? Applications for the Beacon and Pinnacle Award must be submitted by an organizational representative (e.g., staff member or manager) or a CEO.

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