Application criteria

This award recognizes a senior living community that fosters an environment that embraces wellness as a way of life for all who live and work in the community. Using the dimensions of wellness as a foundation, these communities partner with residents and staff to create relevant, meaningful opportunities that empower participants to improve their quality of life.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are applying for an organization that has multiple communities please note that each community is viewed as its own entity. One or all of the communities in your organization may meet the qualifying criteria, but each must apply separately for a Beacon Award.

Self-evaluation pre-application questionnaire

This self-evaluation is designed to identify those areas that are important for a successful application. By completing this self-assessment, you’ll be able to determine your own readiness as a participant in the award program. A “yes” response for at least 10 out of 12 of the items would indicate that you have met the basic requirements and are eligible to apply. Before you begin, if you are not familiar with the ICAA definition of wellness model, we encourage you to please visit:


Part 1. Please choose one response:

1. Is wellness a focus in your mission, vision or core value statement?

2. Do you have a dedicated wellness program as part of your culture?

3. Is your wellness programming centered on the dimensions of wellness?

4. Do you provide relevant training for staff and/or support their professional development?

5. Do your marketing materials acknowledge the value of wellness?

6. Are residents encouraged to offer ideas, help create and/or drive wellness programming?

7. Do you have interdisciplinary teams and/or supportive services to help residents reach their pinnacle of wellness?

8. Do you measure outcomes of your wellness programs?

9. Do you survey residents and staff regarding their satisfaction of the wellness programs or the overall culture of wellness in your community?

10. Do you address survey feedback as needed to enhance your wellness programming or the community’s culture of wellness?

11. Do you have space specifically dedicated to wellness activities in your facility?

12. Does your budget include funds specifically earmarked for supporting a wellness culture in your facility or community?


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