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The best in wellness awards recognize senior living communities, community centers (senior centers, parks & recreation facilities, adult day services) that foster an environment that embraces wellness as a way of life. Using the dimensions of wellness as a foundation, these organizations and leaders partner with residents, participants, and staff to create relevant, meaningful opportunities that enable individuals to live longer, and healthier.

Points to consider when applying:

  • Think like a reporter by addressing who, what, when, where, how, and why as you apply to specific questions.
  • Focus on highlighting the most unique and exceptional aspects of your wellness culture.
  • If you are applying for an organization that has multiple locations, please note that each location is viewed as its own entity. One or all locations in your organization may meet the qualifying criteria, but each must apply separately for a Beacon or Pinnacle Award.

Steps for submission:

  1. Follow the directions carefully and complete each question
  2. Upload images/materials as requested.
  3. All responses are to be 125 words or less.

Submit your completed application electronically by July 21, 2024.


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1. How do you know wellness is woven into the fabric of your culture? Provide two examples.

2. How have you incorporated wellness into your marketing strategies? Please upload one example of an external and an internal marketing strategy that has been implemented (brochures and or marketing materials).

Maximum file size of 5 MB (5000KB), per PDF uploaded. If you’re uploading more than the standard file size, please contact us at

3. How do you measure engagement or participation by both your participants and employees?

4. How does participant feedback inform your organizations' future direction?

5. Why do you think your culture represents the best choice for older adults who want to engage in wellness?

6. Regarding your wellness culture, what are you most proud of? And why?

7. Describe how your built environment is used to create a sense of well-being?

Please upload 3 images that illustrate your community’s built environment. (must be jpg)

Maximum file size of 5 MB (5000KB), per JPG uploaded. If you’re uploading more than the standard file size, please contact us at

8. How do you educate/promote/coach participants and employees to embrace and adopt wellness?

9. How do you empower participants to take active or leadership roles in shaping wellness programs or contributing to the community’s overall culture of wellness?

10. How do you ensure that all participants are supported on their wellness journey?

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